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Northern Ireland RIBA Regional Awards 2019

Diversity and examples of excellence

Northern Ireland regional awards in numbers.
Northern Ireland regional awards in numbers.

The region's four award winning buildings clearly illustrate  diversity of building type.  All are located in very different contexts; a commercial building on edge of the docks, a community project on a demanding inner-city site, a small transport hub in suburbia and a private house in the countryside. We journeyed from the city to the land. Each of the buildings illustrates the value of good design – realised through a complex combination of the architect’s skill and fine judgement along with committed and demanding clients. This vital collaboration creates the possibility of dignified and useful buildings that can exert a positive presence in their respective communities. 

Architecture is a precarious profession as well as an increasingly demanding discipline. It is subject to the highs and lows of market demand while being sensitive to the confidence or otherwise of culture in general. As architects we attempt to navigate these difficult waters. There have been better times for the making of architecture, yet examples of excellence emerge from across the country that belie a culture of negativity, indifference and lack of opportunity. 

'Dreams don’t take up much room. It can be a tiny place but it’s important to have it. Because the dreams are there. You just have to free them.'

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Regional building of the year

CTC Transport Hub, Belfast.
CTC Transport Hub, Belfast. Credit: Donal McCann

Hall McKnight for the Department for Infrastructure


House Lessans, Saintfield.
House Lessans, Saintfield. Credit: Aidan McGrath

McGonigle McGrath for private client


Belfast City Quays 2, Belfast.
Belfast City Quays 2, Belfast. Credit: Donal McCann

Grimshaw for Belfast Harbour Commissioners


Raidió Fáilte- Lionra Uladh, Belfast.
Raidió Fáilte- Lionra Uladh, Belfast. Credit: Paul Lindsay

McGurk Architects & ARdMackel for Raidió Fáilte


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