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Redshank, St Osyth

A great deal more than sum of its parts

Credit: Hélène Binet

Lisa Shell Architects with Marcus Taylor for Make Some Space

Contract value: Confidential

GIA: 49m²

This extraordinary structure hovers over reclaimed marshland. It is a small, beautifully detailed and conceived house that has dealt with the considerable challenges presented by the site, seemingly effortlessly. A steel tripod structure holds the house pod in the air while concealing the service connections, which allows the marsh to reclaim the ground below.
  • Credit: Hélène Binet
  • Credit: Hélène Binet
  • Credit: Hélène Binet
  • Credit: Hélène Binet

The house is accessed via a galvanised steel staircase. CLT forms the house enclosure. It is well crafted and detailed and left exposed on the interior. External cork insulation cladding the walls, roof and underside, reinforces the idea of a floating object in a different way. All elements of the building are integrated into a whole that is a great deal more than sum of those parts. It is a pleasure and a surprise to see this exceptional house in this landscape. 

Regional Small Project of the Year

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