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The Cheeran House, Berkshire

Fitting, contextual and an elegant response

Credit: James Morris

John Pardey Architects for private client

Contract value: Undisclosed (under £1m)

GIA: 284m2

This house sits between two types – a courtyard and walled garden. The design is based on the desire to enjoy a south facing aspect, yet also engage with the walled garden to the north. Landscaping wraps around the house and the retention of the historic wall helps to create a sense of place and orientation. While the design is entirely contemporary, the architect has used natural materials that will weather well. 

  • Credit: James Morris
  • Credit: James Morris
  • Credit: James Morris
  • Credit: James Morris

The new flint walls emphasise continuity with the landscape, cutting into the slope to add to this impression. The old kitchen garden is left as meadow, which gives both new and old space to breathe. The house runs on a bored ground source heat pump system which, along with MVHR and rooftop PV panels, exports more energy than it consumes. The house is entirely fitting, contextual and an elegant response within its surroundings.

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