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The Paise, Hexham

Sense of indulgent luxury

Newton Architects for private client

Contract value: Undisclosed

GIA: 974m2


The family home of a writer and sculptor set in the exposed North Pennine Moorland, the PPS7 scheme of ‘exceptional quality’ has two main elements. First, the sensitive refurbishment of an existing 19th century barn, alongside which a new extension, a heavily insulated steel frame construction, hunkers into the ground. The grassy landscape wraps over its roof, burying the new mass in the landscape.

From here in the main living/ dining space/ study space, a wall of glazing frames stunning views of the moors. The sense of indulgent luxury is reinforced by its courtyard swimming pool.


Energy for this and the house in general is generated via ground source heat pumps, photovoltaics and a wind turbine, with passive strategies including high levels of insulation and air tightness, allowing the building to be rated carbon negative by energy consumption.

The result is a family home which draws its inspiration from its setting and respects both the barn and the sweeping landscape beyond.

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