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PODCAST: Arup finds new ways to work as it emerges from lockdown disruption

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Eleanor Young

Eleanor Young talks to Arup's Jo Wright, Nick Jackson and Christina Cox about winning work, radical refurbishment and being part of the Arup giant

Offices, sports venues and factories have long been the bedrock of architecture at Arup. With the first two suffering in Covid how do they go about selling themselves to clients? Did the OJEU process work for them or can the multi-disciplinary giant of Arup offer different routes in to working with great clients?


Architect Christina Cox and directors Jo Wright and Nick Jackson
Architect Christina Cox and directors Jo Wright and Nick Jackson

Jo Wright, director of architecture for the UK, and Middle East and Africa and director Nick Jackson together take the lead on work in the UK and beyond. They have a team of 75 architects to keep fed. Where did they cut their teeth? How do they celebrate project wins? And how are they trying to create a new way of working with their recently completed Triton, a not-so-new project for British Land that radically reconditioned an old Arup building in London and put it back together to the standards of today? And architect Christina Cox gives us an insight into detail on Triton.

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Presented and produced by Eleanor Young. Sound edit Richard Coleby, music Steffen Addington.




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