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Costed: the ins and outs of prices for doors and windows

Nicola Herring and James Garner

Gleeds’ Nicola Herring and James Garner provide supply and fix costs for a range of commercial and industrial windows and doors

The UK market for doors and windows is large, mature and evolving. Windows and doors are supplied to a variety of markets including domestic home improvement, public sector housing renovation, housebuilding and commercial/non-housing. The upgrading of existing buildings is expected to play a key part in reaching climate targets. Research shows that the UK’s housing stock will need to reach at least EPC band C by 2031, but 71% of homes, including more than four million social housing units, do not yet meet this standard. Measures including replacing doors and windows will be critical to improving performance.

Specifiers must consider several factors, including thermal efficiency (U value), solar gain (G value) and air leakage (L value). The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) combines these in the WER rating (Window Energy Rating) to show how well a window performs. It is also important to consider acoustic performance (especially for premises near roads or flight paths) and aesthetics: for instance, in conservation areas double glazed sashes can be considered as well as secondary glazing.

The UK market is characterised by strong competition and a fragmented supply structure. Lead-in times have lengthened and prices ­increased due to challenges with raw materials supply and it is unclear how long these issues will remain. The following rates include the supply and hang of doors and windows, complete with all frames, architraves, typical medium standard ironmongery set and appropriate finish.

Softwood external (£ each)
Standard soft- and hardwood frames; painted, including ironmongery
Matchboarded, framed, ledged and braced door, 838mm x 1981mm  £625-750
Flush door; cellular core; plywood faced; 838mm x 1981mm  £650-800
Heavy duty solid flush door
Single leaf / single leaf with emergency fire exit   £1,350-1,650 / £1,850-2,250
Steel external
Standard single doors, including frame, ironmongery, powder-coated finish
External steel door / single external steel security door  £1,100-1,350 / £2,250-2,750
Bullet resistant doorset
Single, 1000mm x 2100mm steel with decorative ply veneer £4,750-5,750
Overhead (£/m2)
Single skin; manual / electric    £200-250 / £350-425
Electric operation standard lift, 42mm thick insulated sandwich panels  250-300
Rapid lift fabric door, external, electric operation   £1,050-1,250
Dock shelters (£ each)
Curtain mechanical shelter; extruded aluminium frame; 1 top, 2 side curtains; double-layered high-quality polyester, coated both sides    £1,350-1,575
Inflatable mechanical shelter; hot dipped galvanised surface, polyester painted, top and side bags with polyester fabric panels; standard colours   £4,250-5,000
uPVC external doors (£ each)
Entrance doors, residential standard, PVCu frame, brass furniture (spyhole /security chain/letter plate/draught excluder/multipoint locking)
Overall 900 x 2100mm half glazed     £575-650
Overall 900 x 2100mm half glazed; WER A rated / coloured   £600-675 / £650-750
Automatic glazed entrance doors (£ each)
Revolving 2.1m dia, 2.2m high, clear laminated glazing; 4nr wings, glazed curved walls      £32,500-42,500
Sliding door, bi-parting opening 2.0m x 2.3m opening   £10,000-15,000
Internal doors
Standard (£ each)
Cellular core, softwood, softwood architrave, aluminium ironmongery (latch only)
Single leaf, moulded panel, gloss paint finish   £400-500
Single leaf; Sapele veneered finish     £450-550
Purpose-made  (£ each)
Double leaf, four panels, mouldings, aluminium, brass or stainless ironmongery (latch only), painting and polishing
Panels, lining and architrave softwood / hardwood     £1,250-1,500 / £2,000-2,500
Fire doors  (£ each)
Standard, cellular core, softwood and architrave, aluminium ironmongery (lockable, self-closure), painting or polishing
Single leaf, oak veneered, 30 min fire resistance, polished   £600-800
Double leaf, oak veneered, 60 min fire resistance, polished     £1,500-2,000
Ironmongery sets   (£ each)
Stainless steel ironmongery, euro locks, push plates, kick plates, signage, closures, standard sets
Office door, non locking, fire rated / fire escape door   £350-450/ £1,750-2,250
Standard bathroom door (unisex) / accessible toilet door   £300-400 / £200-250
Softwood (U-value = 1.6 W/m2K) (£/m2)
Painted, double glazed: up to 1.50 m2 / 1.50 m2 to 3.20 m2 £500-625 / £400-500
Purpose made
Painted, double glazed: up to 1.50 m2 / over 1.50 m2 £725-875 / £625-775
Hardwood (U-value = 1.4 W/m²K) (£/m2)
Stained, double glazed: standard / purpose made £1,250-1,350 / £1,350-1,700
Steel (U-value = 1.6 W/m2K) (£/m2)
Powder coated, double glazed: standard / purpose made £750-900 / £975-1150
uPVC (£/m2)
Standard ironmongery; sills and factory glazed with low E 24mm double glazing
WER A rating / Secured by Design accreditation £300-400 / £325-425
Extra for colour finish to uPVC 75-100
Composite aluminium/timber windows; U value = 1.5 W/m2K (£/m2)
Purpose made; stainless steel ironmongery
Fixed, up to 1.50 m2 / 1.50 m2 to 4.00 m2 £325-400 / £300-350
Outward opening pivot, up to 1.50 m2 / 1.50 m2 to 4.00 m2 £750-1000 / £350-425

Nicola Herring is UK insights and research lead, and James Garner is global head of data and insights and analytics at Gleeds


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