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Costs and considerations for kitchen and bathroom fit-out

Nicola Sharkey, UK insights and research lead at Gleeds, looks at supply costs for a range of kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fittings

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most difficult products to provide general cost information for because of variation in design and quality of fittings. The following rates are intended to give a guide of the range of costs for basic to top-end trade and contract fixtures and fittings.

The Technical Housing Standards – Nationally Described Space Standard sets out requirements for the gross internal area of new dwellings at defined occupancy levels. 

Primary considerations for kitchen design are layout and functionality. Hazards and corners must be minimised to accommodate the needs of less able users, incorporating such elements as additional space for easier mobility or lower-level worktops.

Water saving is one of the significant drivers for bathroom fitting design, as over half our average water consumption takes place in the bathroom. Dual flush toilets are now standard, and shower baths are increasing in popularity, giving the option of a shower, which, on average, uses significantly less water than a bath.

Digital and smart showers also help to reduce water use – some even have a proximity sensor, reducing water flow when you step away from the shower (for example to lather your hair) before resuming the original flow once you’re back.


The following rates are based on the UK average and represent typical prices at Q3 2022. 
Please note prices can vary significantly depending on specifications and markets are volatile at present.  

Kitchens Range £
Typical all-in rates for residential market — volume housing to mid-range level, include units, worktop, sink and taps; not including white goods
One bedroom flat (5 cabinets) £3,000-4,000
Two bedroom house/flat (6 cabinets) £4,000-5,000
Three bedroom house (8 cabinets) £7,500-9,000
Four bedroom house with utility room (12 cabinets) £11,500-15,000
Middle range specification 
(NB dimensions are approximate to indicate the rough size of units)
Standard sized unframed units. Veneered particle board cabinet construction, 600 mm deep for floor mounted units and 300 mm deep for wall mounted units
High gloss finish, floor standing units, 500 mm wide, each £300-450
High gloss finish, floor standing units, 1000 mm wide, each £400-600
Solid timber doors, wall mounted, 500 mm wide units  £600-850
Solid timber doors, wall mounted units, 1000 mm wide units £750-1,200
Upper middle range specification
Standard size framed units. Solid timber cabinet construction with birch ply or similar; 600mm deep for floor mounted units, 300mm deep for wall mounted
Solid hardwood timber door, floor standing units, 500 mm wide £750-1,800
Solid hardwood timber doors, floor standing units, 1000 mm wide £1,000-2,500
Solid timber doors, wall mounted, 500 mm wide units £750-2,000
Solid timber doors, wall mounted units, 1000 mm wide units £1,000-2,500
Door upgrades (applies to hardwood door rates)
Hardwood doors, eg oak, ash 20%
Premium hardwood, eg walnut 30%
Hand painting 25%
Worktops – generally up to 40 mm thick £ (per metre run)
Granite £250-300
Quartz £275-325
Composite £150-225
Solid timber £300-350
Laminate £100-150
Bathrooms Range £
Sanitary ware — mid range
Low level WC, vitreous china pan £375-500
Wall urinal, vitreous china £300-425
Bath, pressed steel enamelled £750-900
Shower tray, glazed fireclay £400-550
Shower enclosure, hinged door and side panel £600-1,000
Hand wash basin, glazed fireclay £180-250
Sanitary ware – high range
Wall mounted WC £700-850
Wall mounted hand wash basin £500-700
Bath, freestanding, waterfall inlet filler £1,750-2,250
Shower door, bespoke, hinged door and side panel £1,250-2,000
Waterfall style basin filler, chrome finish, each £200-300
Waterfall style bath filler, chrome finish, each £175-275
Single kitchen single lever mixer tap, each £175-275
Kitchen pull-out tap (pull-out spray), chrome finish, each £250-400
Concussive basin self-closing taps, chrome, pair £200-400
Hydro taps (zip taps), each £3,500-4,500
Heated towel rails, 600 mm wide, standard chrome finish, each £250-400
Heated towel rails, 600 mm wide, designer stainless steel, each £500-650
Electric towel rail, 600 mm wide, standard, each £250-400


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