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Doors, windows and iromongery priced and put in context

David Holmes

David Holmes, associate at AECOM, provides supply and fix costs for a range of commercial and industrial doors and windows

The market for doors and windows in the UK is estimated to be around £6 billion. Demand is largely driven by construction output with both the newbuild and repair and maintenance sectors achieving significant market share. With the Green Deal rollout extended to end-March 2022, to encourage homeowners to upgrade energy saving components,  financial and environmental benefits will contribute to the market’s overall value.
UK manufacturers work hard to provide new products for the market, but this does not significantly increase customer demand because of the long replacement cycle of doors and windows.
The following rates include prices for the supply and hang of doors and windows, complete with all frames, architrave, typical medium standard ironmongery set and appropriate finish. 

Rates are a guide only and are Q2021 excluding VAT.

Softwood external doors £ each
Standard external softwood doors and hardwood frames; doors painted; 
including ironmongery
Matchboarded, framed, ledged and braced door, 838mm x 1981mm £580-£700
Flush door; cellular core; plywood faced; 838mm x 1981mm £590-£720
Heavy duty solid flush door
Single leaf/single leaf; emergency fire exit £1275-1550 / £1750-2125
Steel external doors £ each
Standard doors
Single external steel door, including frame, ironmongery, powder coated finish £1025-1250
Single external steel security door, including frame, ironmongery, powder coated finish £2125-2600
Bullet resistant doorset
Single, 1000mm x 2100mm steel doorset with decorative ply veneer £4250-5250
Overhead doors £/m2
Single skin; manual / single skin; electric £160-200 / 300-360
Electric operation standard lift, 42mm thick insulated sandwich panels £230-275
Rapid lift fabric door, external, electric operation £980-1175
Dock shelters £ each
Curtain mechanical shelter; extruded aluminium frame; two side and one top curtain; double-layered high-quality polyester, coated both sides £1275-1475
Inflatable mechanical shelter; hot dipped galvanised surface treatment, polyester painted, top bag with polyester fabric panels; side bags with polyester fabric panels; colour from standard range £4000-4600
uPVC external doors £ each
Entrance doors; residential standard; PVCu frame; brass furniture (spyhole / security chain / letter plate / draught excluder / multipoint locking)
Overall 900mm x 2100mm half glazed £520-630
Overall 900mm x 2100mm half glazed; WER A rated/coloured £530-640 / £590-720
Automatic glazed entrance doors £ each
Automatic revolving door; 2.1m diameter, 2.2m high; clear 
laminated glazing; 4nr wings; glazed curved walls £31,000-39,000
Automatic sliding door; bi-parting opening 2.0m x 2.3m opening £9400-12000
Internal doors
Rates include the supply and hang of doors, with all frames, architrave, typical medium standard ironmongery set and appropriate finish
Standard doors £ each
Cellular core; softwood; softwood architrave; aluminium ironmongery (latch only)
Single leaf; moulded panel; gloss paint / Sapele veneer £325-390 / £360-435
Purpose-made doors £ each 
Softwood panel, lining and architrave; aluminium, brass or stainless ironmongery (latch only); painting and polishing
Double leaf; four panels; mouldings £950-1150
Hardwood panel, lining and architrave; aluminium, brass or stainless ironmongery (latch only); painting and polishing
Double leaf; four panelled doors; mouldings £1950-2375
Fire doors £ each
Standard fire doors; cellular core; softwood lining and architrave; aluminium ironmongery (lockable, self-closure); painting or polishing
Single leaf; oak veneer; 30 / 60min fire resistance; polished £530-640 / £1525-1825
Ironmongery sets, standard £ each
Stainless steel; euro locks; push plates; kick plates; signage; closures
Office door; non locking; fire rated £335-410
Standard bathroom door (unisex) / accessible toilet door £295-360 / £170-210
Fire escape door £1850-2225
Softwood windows (U-value = 1.6 W/m2K) £/m2
Standard windows
Painted; double glazed; up to 1.50m2/ 1.50m2 - 3.20m2 £475-580 / £355-430
Purpose made windows
Painted; double glazed; up to 1.50m2 / over 1.50m2 £680-820 / £580-730
Hardwood windows (U-value = 1.4 W/m2K) £/m2
Standard / purpose made; stained double glazed £1050-1275 / £1275-1575
Steel windows (U-value = 1.6 W/m2K) £/m2
Standard / purpose made double glazed; powder coated £640-780 / £890-1075
uPVC windows £/m2
Windows; standard ironmongery; sills and factory glazed with low E 24mm double glazing WER A rating £230-280
Secured by Design accreditation £240-290
Extra for colour finish to uPVC £66-79
Composite aluminium/timber windows; U value = 1.5 W/m2K £/m2
Purpose made; stainless steel ironmongery fixed windows up to 1.50m2 £300-360
Fixed windows 1.50m2 - 4.00m2 £265-320
Outward opening pivot windows ≥1.50m2 / 1.50m2 - 4.00m2 £730-890 / £320-390


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