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Procurement picks for imaginative interiors specifiers

Claire Leavey

PiP’s selection of interiors ideas for specifiers this month come from Duravit, Sto, Gerflor and Deanestor

D-Neo Monochrome bathrooms

No! I will not kneel in obeisance, and I have not brought you ‘tribute’, whatever that is. 
Look, I really like your new Oak Terra veneer and minimalist styling, the wall-hung loo, and the fact that all your pieces are designed to work in the smallest space. Yes! Your generous oval countertop basin gives the washing area a modern feel, BUT I WILL NOT BE POURING ANY LIBATIONS DOWN IT! 
Stop talking to me, spooky mirror! I only came in here to strain the spuds!


StoSilent distance acoustic system

After a hard day designing the sound of boot lids in the anechoic chamber, I like to unwind by enjoying the peaceful ambiance of the atrium walkways here at the National Automotive Innovation Centre. It’s all thanks to the StoSilent Distance suspended ceilings, with their 96% recycled glass boards, and Natureplus-approved StoSilent Décor M stipple-sprayed finish, that I can return home each night to a freshly home-cooked meal prepared by my harassed wife in a house full of under fives – and still maintain a sense of benign peace with the world.


Tarasafe Ultra safety flooring

The World’s Oldest Aquarium!
Colourful clownfish, magical seahorse or captivating jellyfish? Which do you love? Here at SEA LIFE Brighton you can see them all! Over 5,000 of them! 
Did You Know? 
Brighton Aquarium opened in 1872, making us the oldest continually operating aquarium in the world! Our seawater tanks are fed from the nearby sea twice a day! The coral reef alone is a 750,000-litre display! And high-traffic glass fibre-reinforced carborundum-free Tarasafe Ultra vinyl keeps slipping and sliding where it belongs! In the sea!


Volume kitchen fit-outs

‘Slaying it, @Jessica92. We’ve got white Deanestor quartz worktops, oak-effect breakfast bar, and a full set of integrated Zanussi appliances. And in this building there are 682 other cool AF Jessicas and Michaels, all sitting down right now to divine home-cooked veggie shepherd’s pie.’
‘Wow! OTP or what? I feel like we’ve found our people, you know?’ 
‘Yeah, goals AF, but you know what? Not one of those pies will be as good as yours, bae.’
‘They’re all the same, @Michael87. HelloFresh delivered 683 vegan boxes this morning.’



Circularity was a critical part our new studio fit-out, says Joe Morris, which has improved facilities, an onsite café, more space and a public-facing ‘shopfront’

Circularity was central to the fit-out, says Joe Morris

It’s not just crises like RAAC or Grenfell that mean architects must keep on top of legal and regulatory issues. But delight and creativity are important too

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Low-carbon upgrades to iron and steelworks could remove nearly 60 gigatonnes of carbon from the world’s atmosphere, although cost and other factors challenge its practicality

We could remove nearly 60 gigatonnes of carbon from the world

Paul Cashin Architects & Keith Evans Architects’ transformation of a Southampton department store into a secondary school with community learning spaces is the overall winner of this year's West Fraser SterlingOSB Zero/RIBAJ competition

The retrofit of a Southampton department store into a secondary school has won this year's West Fraser SterlingOSB Zero/RIBAJ competition

This year's SterlingOSB Zero competition called on entrants to redevelop a department store into a mid-sized secondary school

This year's SterlingOSB Zero competition asked entrants to redevelop a department store into a secondary school