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Lighting ideas to brighten the start of 2024

During these dark winter days, lighting is on everyone’s minds. So these practical selections for indoors and out will put a spring in your step for 2024

Luna touch-free lighting

‘Yeah, we had to sack him. Ever since we did the second fix on the lighting. Couldn’t get a day’s work out of him.’

‘Funny, I never took him for a lazy type?’

‘Oh, he wasn’t lazy. Couldn’t bloody stop him! That was the trouble! It was these 9W LED “Fireball” illuminated Luna Sospesos in the dining room. It’s the touch free, intuitive controls, see. You can turn them on and off, dim, brighten, and even modify the colour temperature with just an airy-fairy wave of the hand. He put down his roller and turned into Leon flippin Theramin.’


Smart Bezel Voice

‘Mummy! Mummy! God’s a lady!’

‘Don’t be silly poppet! Everybody knows God’s a lovely old man and that’s the reason everything in the world is always perfect! Why, if he was a lady, everything would be terrible!’

‘But Mummy, come into the telly room! I was saying a prayer for the poor family in Schitt’s Creek and their daughter who can’t buy nice clothes any more and then Lady God said it was all fine and she was just pretending! Then God turned the telly off!’

‘Keep your voice down, Xenon and I’ll adjust the audio range on the Zuma Smart Bezel Voice a tad. We can’t have people knowing we watch telly.’


Filigrana T6 table light
Established & Sons

‘Augustus, liebling! He is choking! Wonka! Do something!’

‘Oh, it’s too late! He’s had it now, he’s swallowed it. I did warn you all that it was a new acid-etched Murano glass table light by Sebastian Wrong and not a giant humbug, but he didn’t believe me! Anyway, the powder-coated spun steel base will prevent his insides from crushing that exquisite mouth-blown mushroom, and if it gets too tight in there, we can use the black fabric-covered cable to haul it out. In the meantime, we can have x-ray fun with the inline dimmable switch. These designers really do think of everything.’


Dura IP65 IK10 LED bollard
‘They’re E-rated, you know.’


‘10kW per thousand hours. And a three year warranty, no less! Even on a windy cliff edge!’

‘Eh? What about the ocean? The majestic headland? The wildlife? And you’re literally talking bollards?’

‘Toughened moulded polycarbonate. Three light temperatures to choose from. And they do spike and wall lights too. But these bollards though. Tough enough to grab onto, probably. Could have done with these that time we went into Port Isaac after the pub.’

‘Yeah. Now I know why that fence was in the way.’

‘Helicopters are great, aren’t they?’ 



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