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Studio Mica's Carolynne Shenton picks her top three specification favourites

Carolynne Shenton

Escape wallpaper registration, and embrace artistic recycled bricks and Japanese-inspired metal garden lanterns with Carolynne Shenton’s specification favourites

Carolynne Shenton, director at Studio Mica Interiors Architecture Design, gives three of her favourite specifications

Credit: Will Pryce

Laser cut custom metalwork
Our graphic input to projects can morph into three dimensional ideas, and conversely the design of objects regularly becomes the source of illustrative or pattern making concepts. We created a pattern from a Japanese motif and developed this design as a laser cut custom floor light. This original pattern was repeated in different iterations and materials as door panels, relief texture screens, claddings and eventually as a pair of over-sized laser cut metal hanging garden lanterns. Ongoing organic development is the heart of our creative process.

Credit: Will Pryce

Recycled bricks and tiles
We often turn to repurposing or recycled materials when looking for a special texture, tonal colours or tactile surfaces for developing the ambience of a space. For the award winning entrance lobby at Nobu Hotel Shoreditch a strategically placed installation of recycled bricks and tiles was curated by our in-house artist and stacked by the contractor. The scale and solidity of this clay and terracotta feature wall makes a fundamental contribution to the ambience of this contemporary space and creates a visual link to the heritage of the hotel’s location amid the east London warehouses.

Credit: Sebastian Bottcher

No rules wallpaper
This is a modular range of wallpaper that avoids the need for registration and exploits the potential of juxtaposing decorative motifs. The themes and colours have been carefully orchestrated and have enabled us to combine diverse segments to create intriguing and dynamic feature walls. The No Rules Wallpaper proved cost effective and created a bold backdrop for atrium seating at the award winning Hi Pizza restaurant and bar at Heathrow Airport. Such well designed simple interior products enable us to balance the cost and quality of our schemes and meet our clients’ aspirations.


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