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Door, window and ironmongery selections for specifiers

Windows, gutters, doors and internal walls… products with panache and practicality to help you complete your grand plan

Listed steel-framed leaded window refurbishment

‘Where did you say the wind was, Richard?’ asked Mr Jarndyce.
‘In the north as we came down to London, sir.’
‘You are right. There’s no east in it. It’s getting round again, I am afraid. Good job ASWS replaced the blown panes and perished cames on the lattice windows, spliced in new timber, refinished the steel frames, and even stripped and repolished the brass hardware!’
Richard observed that the situation was exposed on a sharp night.
‘It is exposed indeed,’ said Mr Jarndyce, ‘and Bleak House has an exposed ring to it. Let’s change the name to Bide-a-Wee. Come along!’


Aligator aluminium gutters and downpipes
Marley Alutec

They seek me here,
They seek me there,
Those Frenchies seek me everywhere…
Am I in heaven? Am I in hell?
Neither! These days, I pass unseen at will via this powder-coated marine grade aluminium Boxer gutter and Flushfit downpipe, sited unobtrusively on a Norfolk sports pavilion. Handy for the continent, a 50-year guarantee no less, and of such generous capacity and strength, La Revolution’s demmed Galvanic sentries are foxed – even though I’ve gained a bit of weight since 1792.  
‘Elusive’, I’ll take. But please stop calling me ‘Scarlet Pimpernel’. It’s Sir Percy or Sir – the demmed cheek!


Dorma Hüppe Styleflex semiautomatic moveable wall
Style Partitions

The billionaire Hinduja brothers announced yesterday from their Raffles London penthouse suite that they have successfully ended war forever.
‘A bank of 6.5m semiautomatic Styleflex partition panels in the erstwhile Old War Office ballroom effortlessly sashayed from their parking pockets into position at 8pm, finally separating warring parties’, a spokesman told us.  
‘This 60db acoustic barrier means you can have the Actual Baddies over there, and the Lovely Angelic Goodies here with us, and everyone can have a good old scream about Evil Others without annoying the er… “neighbours”. 
We’ll get them though. Quietly.’


Keller Minimal Windows sliding door system
IQ Glass

Hi, I’m Kevin McCloud’s stunt double. You wish you were me, don’t you?
Well I don’t. I am just so tired of tripping over massive thresholds into people’s overblown newbuilds and pastiche conversions! It’s all very well building something that’s a statement… imposing… grand, even… But… But! Sometimes you just want to go in chin-first inside a sleeping bag, don’t you? Because… Because? Well, why not?
Slim-framed thermally insulated sliding doors with flush thresholds. They’re the way forward. Well. They certainly are if you want to avoid multiple takes and bruised calves if you’re looking to wriggle your way in.



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