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Specified: Doors windows & ironmongery selections hand-picked by PiP

Claire Leavey

Light relief in Barkers, a close shave with snow cannon, a cosier wall and an attic glamping pod: procurement picks come to life in imagined contexts

Aluminium windows and rooflights

‘It can be a real drag, sometimes,’ coos Aurora, curling up on the sofa in £3500 cashmere joggers, ‘being rich an’ all.
‘I don’t want to come over moaning, but a 6,500ft² home on the Wentworth, with y’know, pool, cinema, private woodland… It can only really get you so far. It’s the bright, airy electric Keylite roof windows, and the ultra-slim floor to ceiling windows in the statement gables, that really keep me going, you know? I just come up here, buzz Philippe to bring us a Lambrini, and I’m in me own attic glamping pod.’


Heritage steel window services

‘Father Vincent! We’ve moved!’
‘Yes, Louise, but we appear have moved only from the Passage Charity’s outside wall to inside it, alongside our two dear old huge windows. I heard the workmen saying they were beyond refurbishment, so the stained glass panels were restored and mounted in remanufactured steel windows by a specialist glazier with over 40 years of experience. Pity they couldn’t perk us up a bit while they were there.’
‘Yes, though it would have been a challenge considering we’ve been dead since 1660. But at least we’re not getting wet any more.’


HG57 section bespoke rooflights

‘Oh darling, I’m so glad we took shelter in Barker’s of Northallerton’s 140-year old department store, with its four new rooflights!’
‘Yes, darling, me too. The self-supporting powder-coated medium duty glazing bars hold 28mm double glazed units, you know. They have 6mm self-cleaning clear solar control panes on the outside, a 16mm argon cavity, and are toughened 6mm inside too. And the automatically opening lights have rain and temperature sensors! Shall I tell you about U-values?’
‘Oh! They’ve got Barbour! Suddenly I need another raincoat. And I’m starting to see why Daphne left you.’


T60 thermally broken steel window

‘Had the Estates Bursar not specified these modern thermally-broken Crittall T60 windows,’ said Miss Marple, ‘Douglas Bouclé’s Olympic-sized snow cannon would have frozen the entire student body to death in seconds! It was pure fortune that a sudden emergency at his fake beard warehouse distracted him long enough for them to escape. The low U-value of the glass, the powder-coated fully welded frames, and EN16727 security features, protected them – even as the 37mm thick laminated triple glazing blocked out the sound of his evil laughing. And he never for a moment suspected the windows were new!’



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