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Specified: Flooring

PIP gets down on the floor with the sector's latest products

Vario Vivace

From an ant’s eye view, this metro station floor is fraught with danger. Once the illusion of mountainous geological strata has been dismissed, it seems treacherous river rapids will buffet the hapless creature towards a 100ft foaming cascade. Where’s Bear Grylls when you need him? Snacking on raw pigeon eggs while he clings to a distant crag – as usual. But unlike insects,  humans will see that this exciting design is Vario Vivace – Nora’s contribution to the Pirelli Tower restoration – energetically drawing workers into the building. Gio Ponti would love it.

Attiro fastening system

He stood on one side of the room; she on the other. Through the crowd, across the wide expanse of Kingspan oak flooring, their eyes met, locked together as if by fate. Pure magnetism pulled one towards the other... Yes, when Kingspan says its floors have a particular magnetism, it’s actually true: Attiro oak veneers  come in lengths of 1200-2000mm, and are magnetically fastened to the company’s steel encapsulated floor panels. So if on some enchanted evening you find yourself captivated by a pair of dark eyes, think Gone Girl and check out the floor fittings first.

Venn mosaics

Before you alert us to printing a low resolution image, look again. This bathroom uses Grestec’s Venn mosaic tiles for a bespoke pattern, so that slightly bitmapped look is all part of the top of the market luxury image. Makes you think about how people view the bathroom: functional washing point or luxurious relaxation room? This one’s pretty functional: no paint to peel off, lino to curl up, or carpets to get sodden; plus ample shower, elegantly shaped bath for restful reverie, swirling pattern aiding the drift into psychedelic reverie... but wait! Where to put your glass of Bolly?

Bloc Collection

Here’s what I call a blocky sort of room. Aside from the vintage whisper of the sofas (Hmm... Kai Kristiansen rip off? Hans Wegner homage? Answers on a postcard, furniture fetishists), it’s all blocks. It’s a statement all right, but what’s its message? New look on the block? Block buster? Chip off an old block? Ian Dury and the Blockheads? Err... Anyway, mitigating that uncompromising exposed concrete, Kahrs’ Bloc Collection oak floor creates a relaxing, warm and welcoming ambience with 300mm wide staves that come up to 900mm long. Love it: Hit me... hit me... Hit!!

Sheet vinyl

Blue, blue, electric blue, is the colour of my... pew, I suppose, and skirtings of course, in this otherwise very neutral environment. But if you’ve had enough of shades of grey to last you a lifetime, remember that Acre Mills outpatients ‘facility’ (top ten annoying words contender) in Huddersfield is just the sort of place it should be used. Polyflor’s sheet vinyl flooring from its Forest fx, Pearlazzo, Verona, Hydro Evolve and Finesse SD collections graces 3300m2 here, helping create spaces with the perfect hygiene, sound and vision attributes for every healthcare need.


Porcelain stoneware
Ceramiche Caeser

Howzit, brah, so you’ve got to fit out the new surfing/skating/boarding Volcon shop in Nantes, right, and it needs some, like, yer know, cooool stuff to like walk on when you’re checkin’ out the wares, so we’re thinkin’ California edge meets French chic with a, like, swipe of Italian swagger... so we got some of the One and Gate porcelain stoneware by Ceramiche Caeser Made in Italy range – it’s like loaded in a rad sort of way: warmth of terracotta, feel of cement; get you ready for epic surf, fully macking double overhead corduroy to the horizon. Lactronic, dude.


Diversity carpet
Grosvenor Wilton

Say what you like about these pages, they’re all class. This Diversity carpet for example, part of 200-year old Grosvenor Wilton’s first retail collection, has a top pedigree. Clearly aimed at the Hunter welly and Barbour waxed jacket set in their city Burberry mode, you could almost wear it. Remember when Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music cuts up the curtains to make her seven singing charges matching outfits? So if you need to present yourself to the wavering Tristram in unrefusable style, rolling up like Cleopatra in this would cut a classic/contemporary dash.

Timber-look flooring

You know how it is: you go upstairs and when you get there you think, ‘now, what did I come up here for?’ You’re just turned 30 but that glimpse of life marching on hits hard. Is this what awaits? Happily, as greater longevity sees the number of dementia sufferers grow, ways to help calm confused and anxious patients are rising too. Warrington Hospital says its pioneering new ward is getting amazing results using clear and homely decor that includes Altro’s Wood Safety and Aquarius timber-look flooring. And both clean easily, addressing that other unwelcome aspect of our dotage.



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