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West Fraser/ RIBAJ Meets podcast: 2030 – Meeting the Net Zero carbon challenge

Spray-foaming our streets, the real cost of a tonne of carbon, overcoming the architect’s ego – what will it take to help us achieve Net Zero carbon by 2030?

From left Rosie Murphy, Elliot Nash, Jan-Carlos Kucharek, Rob Annable and Phil Obayda
From left Rosie Murphy, Elliot Nash, Jan-Carlos Kucharek, Rob Annable and Phil Obayda Credit: West Fraser

RIBAJ Meets thrashes out answers to the big question from two of the winners of last year’s SterlingOSB Zero 'Retreat' competition, a corporate architect and architect activist. Listen in to hear their views from the coalface- in conversation with RIBAJ deputy editor Jan-Carlos Kucharek.

Sponsored by West Fraser  


Panel members

- Phil Obayda, Principal, SOM  
- Rosie Murphy, Diversity & solidarity co-ordinator ACAN  
- Rob Annable, Director, Axis Design Architects (competition winner) 
- Elliot Nash, Wright & Wright Architects (competition winner) 
- Chair, Jan-Carlos Kucharek, deputy editor, RIBAJ



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