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MacEwan longlist: The Foundry

Embodying environmental justice, housing social justice and reusing a shoe polish factory, introducing The Foundry

Architecture 00 for The Ethical Property Company

Location: Vauxhall, London

How can an office prove that it is architecture for the common good? Architecture 00’s Foundry in south London. Well for a start it is home to voluntary and charitable organisations from the social justice and human rights sector. Created by the transformation of an early 20th Century shoe polish factory, it provides an accessible and collaborative base for these mission-driven organisations. The open ground floor and external decks at upper levels encourage the local community to also utilise the new facilities in partnership with the building users to develop a sense of shared ownership and mutual understanding. Each floor has been designed to allow partitions to be moved around as needed, so layouts can be flexible. Tenants also have access to all the central spaces. Embodying the principles of environmental justice, the transformed building achieves EPC A-rating and BREEAM Excellent.


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