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Full of inventiveness

Credit: Luke Caufield

Henning Stummel Architects for Henning Stummel Architects

Contract value:  £733,620

GIA: 216m2

This back-land site is entered from a modest London street through a ‘massive’ Soanian double-height brick arch – gateway to a remarkable domestic inner world. In search of seclusion the architect designed a low, inward looking, tranquil courtyard that is open to the south. It is a composition of pavilions: six earth-coloured metal-clad pyramidal top-lit forms. A calm pool of water allows for cooling and the reflections from the water bring the facades to life. 

  • Credit: Luke Caufield
  • Credit: Luke Caufield
  • Credit: Luke Caufield
  • Credit: Luke Caufield

Each super-insulated pavilion accommodates a room. The roof shape has a low contour and maximises spatial volume and light from above brings the spaces to life. As one moves through the building the layout gives a changing enfilade of vistas and views, the geometric forms accentuated by the simple utilitarian finishes. The brick fireplace mirrors the entrance gateway in its scale and texture and acts as a ‘touchstone’ at the heart of the composition, grounding the house around a hearth.
Full of inventiveness, the cleverly detailed thick walls contain the services. The house has a beautiful balance of delight and is obviously an uplifting and practical place to live. 

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