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8 St James's Square, Mayfair

Beautifully tailored, spirited and full of deep personal commitment

Credit: Dirk Lindner

Eric Parry Architects for Green Property

Contract value: Undisclosed

GIA: 6,085m2


This is a wonderfully crafted building that sits well within a sensitive context. The materiality is both playful yet respectful to its surroundings. The varying scales and window types are a bold, brave move that illustrate masterful skill and original thinking. There are many beautiful, subtle details, such as the windows’ tilting glass and granite surrounds on the ground floor.

  • Credit: Dirk Lindner
  • Credit: Dirk Lindner
  • Credit: Dirk Lindner
  • Credit: Dirk Lindner

The complex brief and vast subterranean programme is deftly handled. The lift shaft with a backdrop of a marble wall creates a clever connection between the different floors while bringing light down the central core of the building. The entrance is intimate and hospitable with a sense of connection to the street.  Again, a sense of playfulness can be seen within the space, with wicker shutters integrated into the window reveals allowing a changing relationship to the street.

This large building is beautifully tailored, spirited and full of the deep personal commitment of a sensitive architect.

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