RIBA London Awards 2016 – Commercial

The profession shows its immense variety with schemes from a medieval market place to the latest way of office working, enlivening traditional streetscapes with classic modern designs. Click on the images to find out more.

8 St James's Square, Mayfair
8 St James's Square, Mayfair Credit: Dirk Lindner
61 Oxford Street
61 Oxford Street Credit: Timothy Soar
Alphabeta, Old Street
Alphabeta, Old Street Credit: Hufton & Crow
Thornsett Road, Wandsworth
Thornsett Road, Wandsworth Credit: Stocale Eriksen
Ancient Market Place and Stalls, Kingston
Ancient Market Place and Stalls, Kingston Credit: Olivier Favrel
Turnmill, Clerkenwell
Turnmill, Clerkenwell Credit: Al Crow

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