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Curzon Bloomsbury, Bloomsbury

Makes you think, as all good cinema does

Credit: Hélène Binet

Takero Shimazaki Architects with Unick Architects for Curzon Cinemas

Contract value: Undisclosed

GIA: 1,785m2


Taking on an icon is not an easy task but when client and architect understand each other, the job is less daunting. It is clear that they hit the ground running here.

The scheme is understated, particularly upstairs, where it comes to the subtle extension of the ground floor entrance. Underground, the sensitive use of materials and the sequence of spaces evoke the feeling of entering another world as cinemagoers descend beneath the Brunswick Centre. Of particular note here is the pink hue of the concrete staircase that remains enigmatic, never to be seen in full daylight.

  • Credit: Anton Gorlenko
  • Credit: Hélène Binet
  • Credit: Hélène Binet
  • Credit: Hélène Binet

On reaching the lower level there are other cinematic touches that work just as well. As you reach the bottom of the first flight of stairs you seem to be lit by shafts of daylight (in fact holes cut in the rough concrete structure with pendant lights above).

The success of the project owes much to the holistic approach to the interiors. All in all, a very subtle and thoughtful scheme that has makes you think; just as all good cinema does.

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