Derby Arena, Derby

Supports simultaneous community use of its many facilities

Credit: Martine Hamilton Knight

FaulknerBrowns Architects for Derby City Council

Contract value: £24m

GIA: 14,500m²


All velodromes are not the same. This one is a multi-purpose sports hub with a 250m indoor cycle track raised above ground floor level. This allows unimpeded access to the sports infield within the track centre – a place also for large cultural events. 

  • Credit: Martine Hamilton Knight
  • Credit: Martine Hamilton Knight
  • Credit: Martine Hamilton Knight
  • Credit: Martine Hamilton Knight

The cycle track is wrapped with four storeys of stacked support accommodation to one side, with the spectator grandstand opposite. The cohesive internal design of the building is bold, bright and simple, while its dynamic external appearance uses aluminium shingles to mimic the curving timber lathes of the cycle track and allowing glimpses of the activities within.

The judges were impressed by the flexible design of the spaces that supports simultaneous community use of its many facilities.

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